February 17, 2006

Diabetic Cats?

Posted in Personal at 7:44 am by uphoto

Last night was quite the experience. Rafael, our diabetic cat apparently had a seizure before Deb and I arrived home. He was “crashing” not quite the same kitty that we had seen earlier in the day. Fearful it could be “his time” I rushed him to the 24 hour emergency veterinarian.

As the vet took “Rafie” into the exam room, I sat down to wait. I noticed sitting in the corner of the room was a young woman, her eyes swelled with tears and in her lap was a beautiful white cat. After a few minutes of seeing her sad and watching cry , I thought that I would strike up a conversation. We spoke for a few minutes telling details of each of our loyal pets, I explained that Rafael was diabetic and that he was having an episode tonight. She told me… that very evening her kitty was diagnosed with heart disease. Just then the doctor came out and started rattling off the details of what she had done to Rafael. He would be ok and ready to go home in 45 minutes. So to pass a bit of time I took off for a few minutes to fill my wife’s car with gas. While at the pump, I started to think about how devastated that young lady must be about the news. So I decided to do something about it… I was going get her into the studio this week and do an incredible portrait session with the two of them. Right! Something that would blow her away, something she would remember forever. So I hurried back to the vet to tell her the news, cheer her up if only for a few moments. Her car was still in the parking lot, so I knew I hadn’t missed her. I ran inside but as I entered, the door to the exam room slammed shut. So I asked the nurse at the front desk a little more about the girl’s cat and that I had a great plan to capture their relationship, before it was too late. The nurse just looked at me… silent. They are putting her to sleep right now. The cat was a rare and extreme case. My heart sank. Confused and frantic I asked if there were just a few minutes… I have a camera in the car I could photograph them now. The nurse explained that the process had already begun, it was too late. When she came out of the exam room you could tell she was trying to be calm, her hands shaking while she paid the bill. I just looked at her and told her how very sorry I was for her loss. We both let a few tears fall. I thank God her father had joined her, she didn’t have to go through it alone. I will pray for her daily.

Just for the record, Rafael is quite well. We are changing his diet and giving him a lot more love than usual. I am thankful He is with us.

– Tom U


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