March 28, 2006

God’s Gift

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The Burke family is truly blessed by God. After 11 years of marriage, God decided the Burkes were ready to be blessed with a child. They had made the decision to be surprised whether it was a boy or a girl. Nine months later Mary received a little… boy. The tears began to run down her face as he was born. Little Zachary was finally here. One of God’s greatest gifts had arrived. Dad, seeing his wife and child together… says it was truly the most moving sight he had ever laid eyes on. Zachary or Charlie Brown as mom lovingly refers to him, with his big blue eyes and wonderful smile has been a true pleasure to work with. We are honored that the Burke family has chosen us to capture this time in their lives. Welcome to the Uchida family Zachary.


March 25, 2006


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Just before Kori left town, we were able to squeak out a session for Togue’s “bio” page on our website. The session was with Kori and her cousin Kaitlin. Unfortunately the other 5 grandkids were not available. Just wait for the summer. We may be able to get them all together. Togue to date has seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. You will never meet a more proud grandfather! I suppose that is why we call him our secret weapon in the camera room. When all else fails we call out Togue, no one on the planet is better at making children smile.


March 18, 2006

Bug & Sam

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Many of you know that my 9 year old Kori lives out of state. She comes in town several times per year. “Bug” has been here for spring break this past week. It has been a wonderful time. Bug and Sam have spent lots of quality time together. We even managed to squeak out a session of Bug, her cousin and Togue for his new bio page on our website. Deb & I took Bug and Sam to the Nashville Zoo. We can’t wait for the new 2006 exhibits. We had a blast, it was the perfect day. The elephants are impressive and the mercats are memorizing – there seemed like thousands of them running around. Here are a few images we took while at the Nashville Zoo. Just tell me one thing… doesn’t it seem funny to see a squirrel at the Zoo? He ran down the tree and stopped in his tracks when he saw I noticed him.

We have helped out the Nashville Zoo’s new “Stick Your Neck Out Program” and so should you. On Tuesday, January 24, 2006 Nashville Zoo officially kicked off a community-wide capital campaign to raise funds to bring three Masai giraffes to their animal collection. Your help is crucial to make this vision a reality. The Nashville Zoo is asking for support to fund the construction of the one-acre exhibit and associated state-of-the-art giraffe holding facility. This is a rare opportunity for you to be a part of Nashville history. There are currently only 54 Masai Giraffes in all of North American zoos and we will be offering a home to three of them!

Nashville Zoo’s goal is to raise more than three million dollars to complete this critical endeavor. Thanks to a generous gift from Maggi Margaret Turner, each dollar raised for this campaign will be matched two to one. This means if you donate 50 dollars the total contribution to the Nashville Zoo will be 150!

Click HERE to make a donation to the Nashville Zoo

March 14, 2006

Audrey Heatherly

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I bumped into Audrey the other day in front of the studio – isn’t she Gorgeous! (We photographed her senior session last year). She let me know that she will be passing out her headshots soon, so I wanted to give her a head start and post some on our website.

March 13, 2006

Wedding Window (no longer available)

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Keeping people informed about your wedding just got a whole lot easier. I have signed up to be an affiliate of Wedding Window. This online service offers you the opportunity to post all kinds of information about your wedding online and share it with your friends and family well before your big day.

“Our recommendation is to purchase your wedding website at least 5-6 months before your wedding date. This will allow your guests plenty of time to become acquainted with your wedding plans, set up travel arrangements and get to know the two of you before the big day.”

Your site can be password protected so only your friends and family have access to it. The site you can create is also very beautiful; a variety of templates make it a snap to switch from one style to another, depending on the mood you want to convey. It can be stylized with Flash intros and audio clips of your choice. You also have full reign of the colors you want to use on the site. It’s easy to create and maintain. If your venue changes, for instance, you can easily update your site and send an email through Wedding Window to all your guests in one go, instead of individually calling them.

Wedding Window offers a free 7-day trial. The pricing for hosting this service is very reasonable; 12-month hosting is $79 and 18-month hosting is $99. The rich feature set of the service makes it a must-have for every bride planning her wedding.

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March 6, 2006

Motorcycle bride

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Many of you that have seen Blaire’s photos online and our huge 30×30 composite of Blaire & John’s engagement session in the studio. Many of you may know Blaire as the “Motorcycle Bride”. Blaire has that beautiful exotic look that all photographers would be lucky to photograph. And of course John has a look that together makes them the perfect couple to photograph. The two of them are featured all over our studio, so it seems fitting to make them the 1st of our couples to release our new Album Design Showcases. The following link will take you to their album design.

Blaire has since become a wedding coordinator and I have worked with her on multiple occasions. She has a great personality to keep couples and their guests at ease and the open mindedness and aggressiveness to keep vendors on task and working hard. Check out her website.

Blaire & John’s Wedding Album

-Tom U

March 4, 2006


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One of the greatest things about being in a family business that has lasted for over 65 years is that we have experiences like we did today. We just proofed with the mother of quite possibly the sweetest little 2 year old girl you will ever meet – Natalie. We have photographed Natalie several times over the course of her glorious 2 years. The real fun is that dad photographed Natalie’s mother many times over her lifetime including when she was 2 years old. Nat’s grandmother explained to me that one of her biggest joys was that she could hang a portrait of her 2 year old granddaughter next to a portrait she had made of her daughter. Stories like this are some of my favorite! Togue and I love being portrait artists.

– Tom