March 18, 2006

Bug & Sam

Posted in General, Personal at 4:31 pm by uphoto

Many of you know that my 9 year old Kori lives out of state. She comes in town several times per year. “Bug” has been here for spring break this past week. It has been a wonderful time. Bug and Sam have spent lots of quality time together. We even managed to squeak out a session of Bug, her cousin and Togue for his new bio page on our website. Deb & I took Bug and Sam to the Nashville Zoo. We can’t wait for the new 2006 exhibits. We had a blast, it was the perfect day. The elephants are impressive and the mercats are memorizing – there seemed like thousands of them running around. Here are a few images we took while at the Nashville Zoo. Just tell me one thing… doesn’t it seem funny to see a squirrel at the Zoo? He ran down the tree and stopped in his tracks when he saw I noticed him.

We have helped out the Nashville Zoo’s new “Stick Your Neck Out Program” and so should you. On Tuesday, January 24, 2006 Nashville Zoo officially kicked off a community-wide capital campaign to raise funds to bring three Masai giraffes to their animal collection. Your help is crucial to make this vision a reality. The Nashville Zoo is asking for support to fund the construction of the one-acre exhibit and associated state-of-the-art giraffe holding facility. This is a rare opportunity for you to be a part of Nashville history. There are currently only 54 Masai Giraffes in all of North American zoos and we will be offering a home to three of them!

Nashville Zoo’s goal is to raise more than three million dollars to complete this critical endeavor. Thanks to a generous gift from Maggi Margaret Turner, each dollar raised for this campaign will be matched two to one. This means if you donate 50 dollars the total contribution to the Nashville Zoo will be 150!

Click HERE to make a donation to the Nashville Zoo



  1. Hollie Wheeler said,

    WOW! Look how much they have grown! The are both so beautiful!! Awesome shots by the way!!

  2. Danielle said,

    What in the world is a squirrel doing in the zoo?! Truly, you’ve inspired to head out to the zoo sometime this Spring. It looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. Crystal Burnezky said,

    Kori Rae is getting so big. Yeah, why is there a squirrel at the zoo?

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