April 11, 2006

Peter Cottontail

Posted in General, Personal at 4:48 pm by uphoto

This past weekend, we took in the 3 bunnies that we are using for our Easter sample sessions we are photographing on Friday. All of the kids in the neighborhood came over and played with them and watched them hop around the yard. These are a few images of Samantha with the grey bunny (her favorite). Yes the middle image is Sam sneezing on the bunny. If you are interested in the sample sessions on Friday just give us a ring at the studio and we will try to slide you in.

The shots of Sam were taken with my wife’s point and shoot Canon A620 I recommend it if you are looking for one.


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  1. Crystal Burnezky said,

    Tom, Debbie and Uchida Family
    Sam is so beautiful. I started crying when I looked at the online album of her birth. I am so happy for you and Deb. I miss you guys alot. I hate that I had to leave town with out saying good bye. Unfortunatly my dad passed away a week before Thanksgiving, so the moved happened very suddenly.
    I plan on seeing all of you when I visit.
    Lots of love and warm blessing to everyone
    Crystal Burnezky

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