May 10, 2006

Ok… We will do 10 more!

Posted in General at 8:46 pm by uphoto

A few hours ago, the 20th person completed the giveaway. We have had great response. In just 5 short hours we had all 20 sessions accounted for. We have decided to include 10 more complimentary sessions. Just follow the directions and link in the below blog entry for the final 10 sessions. In the next few days we will post some of the feedback that we received. Thanks so much for your all of your input!

P.S. I just did a google search for "U Blog" and you all have made the blog so popular that it pops up in the top 10 of 236,000,000. Our clients are the best!


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  1. Jessica Austin Torres said,

    Hey guys! I think that the blog is such a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drew and I have to come by soon and see you and the beautiful baby!! Have a fabulous Memorial Day!


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