June 24, 2006

A Perfect Day for the Zoo

Posted in General, Personal at 9:04 pm by uphoto

Today was a great day for my family to visit the zoo. We wound up spending pretty much the whole day there. It was a wonderful overcast day with a light breeze, which made the day very enjoyable. The giraffes are out now… maybe next visit they will get a bit closer for a good family portrait. Here are a few images from the outing.

I must have been on a bird kick today. Most of the cats were hiding today.

This is the part of a duck you most often don't see.

Here are a few details you may not usually notice at your trip to the zoo.

They opened the Lorikeet Landing this time. It was a blast with birds whizzing by our heads landing on people’s shoulders and heads. They eat nectar out of your hand, a real treat for everyone. Sam was mesmerized and Kori had one crawl out onto her finger and eat from her hand. Sam got a bit warm so we cooled her down. No worries she LOVES water. Thats a Skink that Kori is petting there.


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  1. Danielle said,

    So fun! I died laughing when I saw the photo of Sam. And of course I like the detail shots. My only question is why you didn’t have us come with you?! We still need a family double date to the zoo! One of theses days 🙂

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