August 4, 2006

Little Dreamers

Posted in Children at 4:48 pm by uphoto

Meet Lucy our most recent “Little Dreamer”. She is absolutely precious! This is a sweet session that we do with our newborn babies and it’s one of our favorites. We had four week old Lucy come in and once she fell asleep the fun started. She was perfect and slept pretty soundly throughout the entire session. We knew after the first few photographs that this was going to be an ideal session since she’s so cute and was doing so well. Thank you Ashley for bringing her in, we hope you had as much fun as we did!


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  1. Janeice Smith said,

    What a thrill to see my newest grandbaby, Lucy, in such an adorable fashion! I am delighted that Ashley decided to use Uchida’s for our little dreamer. We have know the Uchida family for over 30 years! I knew this was going to be amazing. Thank you, Tom, and all of you at Uchida’s.
    Tom, can you email me something, this perhaps, to use as my background?
    Janeice Marshall Smith

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