September 15, 2006

Kristi & Jake’s Engagement

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Do you know when you just click with someone? Kristi and Jake make it easy. They had to travel over an hour to get to the session. When they arrived, thunder and lightning came with them. I was fully prepared to do the session in the rain. As we waited to see what would follow… 91 degrees turned into 80 degrees, the sky opened up and beautiful warm sunlight started to follow them everywhere they went. No rain, not a drop making the evening even more enjoyable. The best part of the session was watching these two together. These two know how to have fun. With just a whisper or glance Jake can get Kristi tickled and giggling. (Cutest giggle you have ever seen) I didn’t want to stop photographing these guys. The only thing that stopped me was that the light left before I was ready.



September 9, 2006

Love Letters

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Zachary is back to show off one of our new sessions “Love Letters”, great for Storyboards and Christmas Cards. This is just a hint of how cute his session was. Watch close we will be posting more of him soon.