November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted in Personal at 8:54 am by uphoto

Mommy is working today at the hospital so Samantha and I are spending the day together. Later we will be with the rest of the Uchida family. Throughout the day I will update the blog with some photos of Samantha, so mommy can feel like she’s with us! We love you mommy!

By the way… We are giving away an Elmo T.M.X. doll on December 20th. Watch for the details of how to win it.

7:00am Hangin out with Elmo

7:50am Sam Chillin, watching a little tube while daddy makes breakfast

8:00am see Mommy… Daddy didn’t forget to feed me!

9:20am Uh… Mommy, can you help Daddy find my other shoe? I know you laid them out for us, but Daddy let me play with them and now we can’t find one of them. YIKES!

10:00am Quick call to big sister Kori

10:50am Raf just checkin us out

11:00-12:00 Playing while waiting for lunch – PLUS!!


12:00 LUNCH!

12:30 Baby Sam asleep, dreaming of Mommy

3:00 Ahhh GREAT NAP! Daddy I’m awake…

3:45 Come on Dad lets go. I’m ready for the party!

4:25 HELP Paul & Kaitlin locked me in my chair!!!

5:00 Hey look at me, I’m wearing Paul’s glasses.



  1. MommyUchida said,

    I LOVE YOU BOTH~ Happy Turkey Day!
    Miss you

    Love Mommy

  2. MommyUchida said,

    Sam Mommy really misses you and Daddy.
    Sweet Dreams!

    Love Mommy

  3. Kaitlin said,

    I remember you making this.
    I had fun hanging out with my baby cousin!
    We need to do it again sometime.
    I love you.

  4. Hollie said,

    TOM!!! She is too precious! I know you an Debbie are more than proud! I’m so glad to see Eugene isn’t the only Dad that allows their daughter to spend half the day in her pj’s with one foot in and one foot out!! LOL! These are too sweet!
    Hope all is well with all of you!!

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