February 6, 2008

Sydney & Family Portrait, Nashville, TN

Posted in Children, Family at 11:10 pm by uphoto

The McGarr’s are another family that we have loved getting to know throughout the past few years. Sydney and Samantha (Uchida) are the same age so there are always stories to be shared about their latest happenings and discoveries. Sydney is the queen of profound and funny sayings so we are always excited to hear what cute things come out of her mouth. I think our “Day with the Ducklings” session had a profound impact on her as we continue to hear about it even to this day. Sydney is one of the sweetest girls we have ever met and her parents are absolutely wonderful. We are glad to have them as part of the Uchida family.


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  1. Brent, Christy and Sydney said,

    You guys are so wonderful! We are so lucky that we found Tom and Uchida Photography. Our picture of Sydney and our family together that Tom has taken are one of the most treasured things in our lives. Knowing that Tom always finds a way to capture the best of our daughter, we will always remember in full detail all the wonderful moments and timelines of her life! And soon, our baby boys life as well! We couldn’t be happier to be part of the Uchida family. Plus, Sydney loves all of you guys (including Sam) who she talks about all the time. We look forward to all the wonderful times, and pictures, to come. Thanks for everything, Christy, Brent and Sydney McGarr

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