February 9, 2008

The 5 Minute Parking Lot Session

Posted in Engagements at 3:49 pm by uphoto

I was cleaning off my computer when I came across this great set of images that I had taken of Danielle and Jimmy Smith. Many of you know Danielle, she is face you see when you come in for your Planning Consultations, Sessions and Presentations. These images were taken out in the parking lot of the mall – it was a quick session for her Christmas Card. We had literally just a few minutes to get these taken before all usable light had faded. It took us more time to figure out what we wanted to do than it actually took to take the shots. I really thought these turned out incredible and just wanted to share. BTW her Christmas Cards turned out way so cool. They were printed on a metallic paper and lots of fun textures. We’ll be happy to show it to you the next time you are in the studio.

Aren’t these two just adorable!



  1. Danielle said,

    Aww…Tom! I love it!!! Thanks for showing off my cute husband in our super speedy Christmas card session. There’s not many people that can make a mall parking into a beautiful background and capture more than I ever dreamed in less than 5 minutes. You’re the best!!!

  2. Hollie said,

    Love it!! You guys are too cute! Gene said it looks like an Abercrombie ad! Great job Tom!!

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