February 17, 2008

The Weekends

Posted in Personal at 11:59 am by uphoto

Samantha and I spend most weekends together that the Studio doesn’t have a wedding or special event. It’s great “daddy and daughter time”. I’m sure it’s well, I know it’s a completely different world for her when we are alone together. Some weeks there is an agenda – get laundry done, clean this, empty the dishwasher, drive here or there, sometimes she even sits with me when I work on a few orders. On the weekends that I am under the weather, there is no agenda, not much of a timeline. We tend to just do whatever we do. We eat whatever there is around the house and watch whatever is on tv. Today, being under the weather… we will be enjoying a very freeform day. Here are a few shots (taken with our point and shoot) of Samantha’s peanut butter sandwich breakfast.  A great start to the day!



  1. Mommy said,

    Oh my sweet little girl, you love that PB don’t you!!!

  2. Jeremy said,

    Tom! I love this.

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