April 7, 2008

Bring the Rain – Moments

Posted in Children, Family, Personal at 2:50 pm by uphoto

I feel like after tonight many lives will change, drastically. Nothing will ever be the same again. Tonight’s call from God is to help capture the last moments of Audrey Smith – Todd & Angie’s little baby girl. For the last few months we have known that only a miracle from God would allow Audrey to have more time with her family. I have been trying to spread the word about her to everyone I know and each time I do I reach that point at which a giant golf ball forms in my throat and I just can’t continue to speak. I only hope that all of the love I have for this family shows through in the photographs that I will be taking this evening. I know I will be fighting not back, but through the tears to try and let everyone know the blessing of Audrey Caroline. I have included a link to Angie’s blog about Audrey. I ask that you pray for them and everyone that surrounds them.




  1. I am so glad you were there, Tom. I can’t wait to see the shots you took. I know they will be amazing.

  2. Ursula Page said,

    I have been following their blog and I know that the pictures you take they will forever cherish and I am so glad that little Audrey got to spend a few hours with her family. From a stranger (and fellow photographer) thank you for your beutiful work of that precious family.

  3. lisa said,

    What beautiful pics of the Smith family! They have touched so many lives. We live in Demotte Indiana a small town North of Indy & we as a town have been prayin for months! We will continue to pray for healing & we all pray this family knows how much they are loved, even though we have never met! Thank you for the glimpse into their lives.


  4. Judy said,

    Loved these maternity photos and I”m sure the ones of Audrey will be even better!

  5. Hillary said,

    These photos are truly breathtaking. What a joyous celebration of a beautiful life! Your work is amazing. I wish I lived close by.

  6. Laura said,

    Oh Tom! You did a beautiful job…. I read their story and I’m so glad you were able to do these portraits for them. I know their angel is in heaven looking down on them. Prayers and blessings to their family and yours. XOXOX

  7. Beverly said,

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures, and sharing them with us that have been praying for the Smith family.
    God Bless you for your sharing your talent.

  8. Leslie Gross said,

    I have been trying for two days to find the maternity pictures of Audrey Caroline, but I can’t find them anywhere on here. Obviously they are on here because everyone else is finding them. PLEASE help me. I’ve been following Angie’s blog, and I would really love to see the pictures if they are available.

  9. Amy said,

    Those are the most beautiful maternity photographs I have ever seen. Your love for the family and their love for each other shines through the pictures. I know that they will treasure these family pictures that include Audrey forever!

  10. Kelly said,

    I had a very hard time reading the story of this sweet angel! But after reading it I felt this touched me and just made me believe even more in the gift of God and his plan for all of us The photographs are amazing and Angie your such an amazing person i know Audreys story has touched so many people! God bless you

  11. Lou Campbell said,

    These pictures are simply: beautiful. Thank you for capturing the moments that will be treasured for the rest of our lives, especially those of Angie, Todd, and their children. On behalf of all mothers who have lost a child, especially a baby, Thank You. If I had only known about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep when I said good-bye to my baby… God blessed you with the eyes that can see angels.

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