April 11, 2008

Bring the Rain – Captured

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To witness and capture an experience like this… there are no words. All the words in the world and there is not one to describe what I witnessed.




Life Changing

There is nothing that can prepare you for this. The incredible moments that touched me. I discovered a new part of myself I never knew was there.

I was nervous about the day. I was concerned that I wouldn’t capture the moments they wanted to remember, I was worried I wouldn’t get enough photographs, I would forget something or they wouldn’t turn out. However, from the moment I walked in the door, I could feel God’s presence. It was a beautiful calm that everyone felt the entire day.

The things that people had to say about Angie and Todd, from family to the nursing staff were awe inspiring. Angie and Todd have the most amazing way to bring people together. Literally thousands of people have been gathering together to pray for Audrey Caroline and it was felt.

The inspiring and tear jerking words that I heard Angie and Todd say when I walked out of the room for the last time that night were “Perfect… this was just a perfect day”. As I walked down the hallway as tears just began to flow. What an amazing couple to feel so at peace.

I have been so touched by this experience that I have applied to be one of the area coordinators for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. An organization designed to place families like Angie and Todd’s with local photographers eager to help share their talents.



  1. Beth Yoder said,

    after seeing the maturnity pictures you took, i just knew you’d capture the day with the gentle hand of a loving friend. Seeing the pictures now only confirms that. Your gift behind the camera is heaven sent i am sure. Thank you for sharing these photos, but more important for seeing the new oportunity God has given you to help other famlies that will no doubt be cared for with t he same love you cared for the Smith family with.

  2. Beverly said,

    The peace on the family’s faces is one of the most wonderful portraits of God’s grace I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Audrey Caroline was indeed blessed to be part of this renewal of faith. One person on one of the blogs said that Audrey Caroline had already had more love shown her than some children EVER get, and this was before she was born. She is loved.
    Thank you

  3. paige said,

    these images are gorgeous!
    what a priceless gift for this amazing family.

  4. Patty said,

    These pictures are just beautiful

  5. Sherry Austin (Georgia's Momma) said,

    I am brought to tears as I read what you experienced with Angie and Todd. It is a life-altering experience that has God’s grace written all over it. I too, lost a baby boy to heart defects on September 11, 2001. My only regret is that I wasn’t aware of the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep organization. I would have loved nothing more for you, Tom, to capture our last moments with our baby boy, Jett Austin. What an amazing gift you gave Angie, Todd, and their amazing children. God Bless.

    Sherry, and my angel from heaven, Georgia Grace Austin

  6. Becky Cain said,

    Dear Tom,

    We do not know each other, but belong to the same body of Christ. I just wanted to tell you that your pictures captured one of God’s Angels. There are no words to express how beautiful and perfect little Audrey is and what a scared blessing it was to have the opportunity to see her in print. The face behind all the prayers. And what a face it is….Angie is right–she has the most perfect nose.

    People like you deserve an award. Feel confident that God was with you and that you did a superb job. Thank you for pursuing your God-given talent. God has used you well.

    I’ll pray for you, my unknown friend, that you will prosper for your efforts….and that you will continue to bless people’s lives with your abilities. You captured the Smith Family in an angelic, heavenly, inspiring way. I’m sure their thanks to you measures more than 100 fold.

    Your sister in Christ,
    Becky Cain

  7. Tom – Your work is breath-taking. May I someday be half the photographer you are. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Praying for you Thursday, and see you Sunday.

  8. You played an important part in such an amazing journey! Thanks for sharing your blessing and heart.

  9. Cindy said,

    I’ve been following Angie’s blog. Your photos are amazing, and I’m sure they will be one of the greatest earthly possessions they will ever have. You are obviously gifted. I have a secret dream to one day be a photographer of children, and to be able to bless families in those precious and heartbreaking times.

  10. Dana said,

    Your images of that day are beautiful. We have checked into Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep a couple of times and get the gut feeling that we can’t handle it. Seeing these images, this beautiful family, and the encouragement of God, we are checking back into it. Thank you for opening our eyes. You are in our prayers.

  11. Cindy said,

    What a gift you gave them. My best friend and her husband are going through the same hard time, waiting for their babies birth who Doctor’s say will only live a short while. May God repay for your using HIS gift to bless others so greatly. Giving them a gift they will treasure forever.
    God Bless

  12. What a beautiful day you have captured for this beautiful family!!! Thanks for sharing the experience. You have inspired me to become part of the photographer registry. I have a terminally ill child myself who has outlived her prognosis (Stella is 14 months now) so I know the fear of not knowing whether your child will be here tomorrow or not. Thanks for inspiring me to give back through this organization!

    God bless you and your wonderful, beautiful talent!!!!

  13. Rambling Rose said,

    We are also part of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. It is an amazing organization and we have been so blessed by our experience with them and the precious families we’ve been honored to serve. Thank you for spreading the word, too.


  14. Tracy Newton said,

    WOW! There are really no words to express how beautiful those pictures are of this amazing Family. I couldn’t believe that I got to see what Audrey looked like, she is such a beautiful baby and what a blessing for Angie, Todd and their 3 daughters to have such special moments with her that they will be able to carry with them for the rest oftheir lives.
    Your doing a special thing for these Families and I pray that God will show His favor always on you.
    God Bless

  15. heidi said,

    I just wanted to tell you that your pictures are sooo beautiful that you took for Angie & Todd. I read her blog and the Lord used you in a great way that day. I commend you for joining “now I lay me down to sleep” what an amazing thing you can do to minister to the broken hearted through your pictures. May God bless you!

  16. Lainey-Paney said,

    Thank you for participating with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

    …Moms like us need wonderful photographers like you.
    The pics you took of Audrey & her family….they are just beautiful!

  17. Kari said,

    I just saw Angie’s recent post which contained a few photographs from the funeral service. God bless your strength to endure such events to give such a gift to this lovely family.

  18. Theresa said,

    What a wonderful thing you have done! I wish you all the strength to continue.

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