August 5, 2008

Angel Isabella

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Sweet Isabella! We have been blessed to see Isabella frequently during her first year of life as we’ve photographed her every 3 months for her Watch Me Grow panel and have captured her several other times as well for various sessions. Earlier in the year Isabella’s wonderful mommy, Tonia, definitely scored points when she surprised daddy with some beautiful photographs of the two of them during a mommy and me session. Out of all the times we’ve photographed Isabella this was by far the most incredible. She was so full of joy and blew us away by how much fun she was having. We got too many good images from this session! The most impressive was when we pulled out some cute hats to photograph her in. Typically a child will tolerate a couple of different ones and then be done with the hat thing. But we did over 12 different hats with her! And with each one we put on her she was smiling and laughing as though she was having the time of her life. It was unbelievable. I wish we could have had a video camera in the studio to have captured it as I’m sure it will be a long time before that ever happens again. Tonia, thank you so much for bringing Isabella in throughout this past year, it has been so much fun getting to know you and watching your sweet girl grow up. We’ll be excited to keep watching her grow and with as fast as this past year has gone I have a feeling we’ll be doing her Senior portraits before we know it!


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  1. H said,

    WOW!!! I LOVE the hats! How much fun! This looks great!!

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