August 19, 2008

Patrick & Isabella

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Patrick and Isabella are quite possibly two of the most beautiful children on the planet! Who couldn’t love that gorgeous hair with the brown curls?! We had a lot of fun with these guys and were able to get some beautiful images for mom and dad who picked out several to do as wall portraits in their dining room. Our favorite is a vintage oil hand painted image of the two sitting on the ground looking at a flower. They did that one as the largest for their main wall in the dining room and it simply takes your breath away! It has such an antique and timeless quality to it. It feels as though it could have come from the 18th century with how the children were dressed and interacted with each other. Beautiful! These are a few others that were some of our favorites as well!



  1. Kristina said,

    Thank you, Uchida! It was the best portrait session we have ever done with the children and we will be coming back to you for our future portraits as well. You are all so amazing with children and getting the right picture! What a gift. Thanks for your beautiful work!

    Kristina and Eduardo

  2. cat sparks said,

    I found your site through Audrey Caroline’s story. I just think your photos are amazing and beautiful. Just great portraiture.

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