August 20, 2008

Lilly, 4 years old

Posted in Children, General tagged at 10:00 am by uphoto

Lilly’s family is one that is dear to us! We have been doing portraits for them for years. They have four beautiful children and when each of them turns four we get to do a formal portrait session of them, which is then done as a 20×24 wall portrait in our vintage oil finish. The portraits end up being a one of a kind hand painted piece of art for them to keep for generations. We had already done portraits for Nick and Taylor in the past, so this time we got to work with Lilly. She is a fireball, one fun kid! I bet she keeps mom and dad on their toes! She had recently got back from a trip to Disneyworld so we got to hear all about that and the fun things she got to do there. We were able to do so many neat things during her session. While this portrait isn’t the one we did for the wall, it’s one of our favorites. I think it captures her fun personality. I know it’s still a few years off, but we’re already excited for when little Ryan gets to come in for his turn! We’re so thankful to get to be a part of this awesome family!


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