February 13, 2009


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Emily and Zac are some wonderful new clients of ours who have the most precious son Cooper.  While Emily was pregnant, at one of her ultrasounds, they were told that Cooper had complications and would not live, and that they should go ahead and terminate the pregnancy.  Cooper was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and a significant hole in his heart that was deemed incompatible with life.  Even with these hard truths, Emily and Zac were committed to this child and had faith that God could do anything and were determined to carry him for as long as possible.  In spite of all the odds stacked against them they gave birth to their sweet little boy, surprising everyone.  He is truly a miracle!  We were blessed to be able to photograph a Footsteps session for their family and had such a wonderful time with them.  Cooper did great.

We recently learned that Cooper hasn’t been doing so well and has had to go into the hospital, so we would LOVE your prayers for their family.  Since his birth they have planned on needing to do a surgery in the spring to correct the hole in his heart and here are some things they would love prayers for:

•    That he would gain weight and hang in there until his surgery (March 30)
•    That there would be no infections
•    That his kidney function would improve
•    Prayer for the doctors that will be doing the surgery

Thanks so much!  We are very hopeful for this sweet little man.


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