February 24, 2009

PRAYER REQUEST: Sweet Baby Libby

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This is one of those blogs that is so hard for us to write.  Erin and Hunter are some new clients of ours that have become so dear to us. They found us through Angie Smith’s blog and similar to Todd and Angie they are beautiful people who are having to walk through one of the hardest things imaginable. They are pregnant with a sweet baby girl, Libby, who early into their pregnancy they found out has Trisomy 18 (in Libby’s case she has a hole in her heart). Unfortunately the prognosis of Trisomy 18 is not great. Many babies with it don’t survive until birth and for those that do there is still a high mortality rate for them in the days and months after. As you can imagine this is devastating news to any parent. And that’s what amazes me about Hunter and Erin, in light of their unimaginable circumstances, they have walked through this valley with such an amazing faith, strength, and peace. They are an amazing young couple that are being tested in a time that is typically full of joy and are walking through it in such a beautiful way. My life has already been changed from the hours that we have been able to spend with them and hear parts of their journey. I can’t help but pray for them daily and continue to ask God’s favor upon them.

In light of everything, God has truly been good to them. It is beautiful to hear the stories of numerous people who have come alongside them and encouraged them, from friends and family to doctors and ultrasound technicians. They are definitely not going through this alone. We’ve loved hearing the ultrasound reports that Libby is continuing to do so well. It’s as though everything is falling into place perfectly as they prepare for the arrival of their precious baby girl.

Please join us in praying for them in the weeks to come. Pray for continued growth and strength for Libby. Pray for a good delivery. Pray for their time with her, that they would have precious time to hold her in their arms and enjoy her. Pray for the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep photography that will happen at the hospital (our prayer selfishly is that we could be there to do it). And pray for God’s presence with them in the unknowns that lie ahead. May they truly be blessed in ways they never dreamed, even in the midst of their sorrow.

Sweet little Libby, do you know that you have already impacted so many? Do you know how lucky you are to have the parents that you do? There are no arms more loving than the ones that you are about to be welcomed into.


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