September 1, 2009

My Talented Mother-in-Law (Pastel Portrait)

Posted in General, History, Personal tagged , at 8:33 pm by uphoto

Most people know that we photograph a lot of babies, families, children, seniors and weddings. One of the services that is less know that we provide is restoration work to old or damaged photographs as well as professional copy work. We have several artists whom we photograph for whenever they finish a painting either for publications that their work is going to be in, to make additional copies, or to serve as a back up for their finished artwork. Recently my super talented mother-in-law did this portrait of her granddaughter in pastels and wanted to have a copy made of it. So we got to photograph her stunning portrait. I love it so much that I had to show off her work. I can’t wait until Brayden is older and gets to have his done!



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  1. Rinda Smith said,

    I look forward to doing Brayden’s protrait as well! Thanks for the good words.

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