Thomas Uchida
Nashville, TN
United States



  1. Sherron Trimble said,

    Your site is amazing!!!! It evokes such JOY in LIFE!!!


    Our best bet for getting that graphic is direct contact with LOUISE GREEN at JOHN M. GREEN, Realtor, LLC. The LLC is a new addition to the company name and needs to be on the advertising. I have business cards with the logo, but not the LLC added. Mr. and Mrs. Green have been in business since…1960!!!!!!! The office number is 794-4791. Her email is greel@realtracs.com. Her Spam filter may block you, but I will email her that you may contact her about the graphic. I really want you to do our cards…CAUSE I TRUST YOUR WORK…AND…IT is even less expensive than the company in Franklin!!!! Sherron Trimble

  2. Amy Bowers Bryan said,

    Are you Togue’s son? I am 38 years old and all of my baby photos were taken by Togue.
    I found you through baby Audrey’s blog.
    I have a daughter from China who is 5 years old…..I need to book an appt with you 🙂
    Amy Bryan
    amyruth365.blogspot.com and goingsonwithgracie.blogspot.com

  3. Heather Baskette said,

    I was referred to you by Canaday Photography in Franklin, since they have closed. I am interested in having an old B&W photo reproduced. How much do you charge for reproducing old photographs on fine photo paper?

    Where are you located in Bellevue and what are your store hours?

    Heather Baskette

  4. Kats Barry said,

    This is truly a beautiful website and your work has great artistry! Love everything. Please tell Mr. Uchita hello from Kats Barry…I saw him taking photos on Christmas Eve at St. Henry, but didn’t get a chance to say “hi.”

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