October 24, 2009

Jillian — Watch Me Grow

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It is amazing all of the changes that take place within the first year of a babies life! To watch a child go from a tiny little person that primarily eats and sleeps to a child that is running around and laughing is pretty spectacular. That is why we LOVE the Watch Me Grow sessions at the studio. Over the course of year we get to see a child progress through the major milestones of sitting, standing holding on, to then being able to walk on their own as well as be able to see their little personalities emerge. Parents are always a little shocked when they come in following the one year session by how fast that first year has gone by and how much their child has changed as they pick out the images for their panel. It is always a sweet sweet time to look back and remember those months that have become such a blur.

Here is Jillian, one of our kiddos that recently graduated from the Watch Me Grow program. What a fun girl, so full of life! Enjoy a glimpse into some of the milestones that occurred during her first year.


April 13, 2009

Sweet Little Brooklyn – Newborn

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I came across these images today and couldn’t help but post them! This is sweet little Brooklyn who we got to photograph back in October only weeks after she had been born. We went out to her house and spent some time in the morning photographing her in her natural environment, using her blankets, furniture, and a lot of natural light. She and mommy, Melissa, did great and we fell in love with the images from our time with them. They are precious!

February 17, 2009

Sara Beth – 8 Months

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So adorable!  These images are actually from back in September and I came across them today and couldn’t resist posting them.  This little cutie is Sara Beth and she has the greatest smile in the world!  How can you not love your job when you get to photograph adorable children like this all day?!  Hopefully these images will bring a smile to your face.  Happy Tuesday to you all!

February 16, 2009

Sweet Little Gray

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How could you ever say no to that sweet face?!  Grayson is absolutely precious and so much fun.  It’s amazing how much personality a baby can have, but then if you knew her parents you wouldn’t be surprised as they are so full of life and laughter!  I can still picture Gray’s huge smiles at her 3 month session which is so uncommon at that age.  Here are two of our favorites from her 3 month session and one of our favorites from her 6 month session.  Love that sweet face in that hat! ADORABLE!!!

February 13, 2009


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Emily and Zac are some wonderful new clients of ours who have the most precious son Cooper.  While Emily was pregnant, at one of her ultrasounds, they were told that Cooper had complications and would not live, and that they should go ahead and terminate the pregnancy.  Cooper was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and a significant hole in his heart that was deemed incompatible with life.  Even with these hard truths, Emily and Zac were committed to this child and had faith that God could do anything and were determined to carry him for as long as possible.  In spite of all the odds stacked against them they gave birth to their sweet little boy, surprising everyone.  He is truly a miracle!  We were blessed to be able to photograph a Footsteps session for their family and had such a wonderful time with them.  Cooper did great.

We recently learned that Cooper hasn’t been doing so well and has had to go into the hospital, so we would LOVE your prayers for their family.  Since his birth they have planned on needing to do a surgery in the spring to correct the hole in his heart and here are some things they would love prayers for:

•    That he would gain weight and hang in there until his surgery (March 30)
•    That there would be no infections
•    That his kidney function would improve
•    Prayer for the doctors that will be doing the surgery

Thanks so much!  We are very hopeful for this sweet little man.

January 16, 2009

Welcome Baby Aliza

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We are very excited about the newest addition to Shawn and Audra’s growing family! Aliza Noelle was born on January 12, 2009. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and is absolutely adorable from what we hear. We have known Audra and Shawn for several years, having done their wedding back in 2004 and several things since then. They are dear friends of the studio and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching their family grow over the last few years. Here are a few images from the recent maternity session we did in December with big sister Amelia. Mom and dad were a little concerned that she wouldn’t smile, so we were glad to show them their images where she was nothing but smiles the entire session. She is precious!

A big CONGRATS Shawn and Audra! We love you guys!! Can’t wait to meet Aliza!

January 1, 2009

Sweet Little Delaney – 3 months

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Sweet little Delaney is one of the newest additions to the Uchida Photography family. She is doing our Watch Me Grow Sessions (3, 6, 9 & 12 month panel sessions) and is a member of our Memory Book Program. She is adorable and is one happy little baby. We have yet to see a time where she isn’t grinning from ear to ear. Not only is Delaney so wonderful but her mommy and grandmom are too! We’ve already loved getting to know your family and are excited about the upcoming sessions and custom album that is being designed. Thanks for the opportunity to capture these important milestones in your life! We’ll see you in a few months!

December 29, 2008

Baby Smith – 14 Weeks

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Jimmy and I have had a fun December! At the beginning of the month we celebrated our five year anniversary with a weekend trip to Chicago (Thanks Tom for letting me sneak away during the crazy busy season!). Once we got home my parents came into town for a week which was super fun, especially since we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we’d like. We also had the joy of seeing our cute little baby at a recent ultrasound! That’s right, we’re pregnant!!! After three years of trying we’ve finally been blessed with a child and are due the end of June, which puts me currently at 14 weeks. We don’t know the gender yet, although everyone is predicting a girl, but we’ll keep you posted. Last Monday we had an ultrasound at 13 weeks and I couldn’t resist showing you our cute little kiddo! It was moving around like crazy and we were amazed by how big it was and that it actually looks like a baby. So enjoy a few recent photographs of the Smith family! And have a Happy New Year!!!



August 6, 2008

Welcome Elias, Newborn Session

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I was so excited when Jessica, Matthew and Elias decided to have their Newborn session with us. Jessica and Matthew are just an incredible couple. Add in their new son Elias and you have the perfect little family. It was so cute to see Matthew staring at Jessica as we were photographing her and Elias. Several times he said  “she looks like a supermodel”. Boy was he right. Elias I know we are going to see you soon, little man! Here is a sneak peek of their session.

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